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Penn Hongthong's Favorite cutting Knife

Penn Hongthong's Favorite Knife
The weight, width and the thickness are perfect for chopping.
The curvy blade made it easy on your wrist while chopping.

Penn Hongthong is the author of Simple Laotian Cooking 2003 and Healthy Lao Cuisine 2009, a cooking instructor and host of her own cooking show Simple Lao Cuisine on public access LTV East Hampton, New York and YouTube.

Ms. Hongthong's primary motivation is to introduce Lao cuisine and culture to the world and to be a good role model to the new generation of Laotian-Americans. Her second motivation is to give America a new flavor; and teach busy Americans how to cook simple, healthy and tasty Lao dishes. Lao cuisine uses a lot of fresh herbs and very little meats to flavor the vegetables. Every thing is made from rice; dairy free and gluten free.

Penn was born in Pak Lay, Sayaboury, Laos. She immigrated to Long Island, New York with her big family in 1980, she was 18 years old. In 1994, she started writing her first cookbook but not until 2001 that her manuscript was accepted by Hippocrene Books, Inc. More about Penn, please click on her BIO.

Watch Penn Hongthong Cooking Show: Simple Lao Cuisine, recipes from her cookbooks
Simple Laotian Cooking and Healthy Lao Cuisine.

Click Here for more recipes and Penn will show you how to prepare & cook Lao dishes!

Surn Sap!
(Enjoy Your Meal)

Penn Hongthong
Personal Chef
Suffolk County, New York

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