Healthy Lao Cuisine (2009)

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These recipes are very simple, healthy and tasty for busy Americans. The recipes do not contain dairy or grain products because they don't exist in Lao cuisine. All the recipes are perfectly seasoned, exotic but not overpowering to scare first-timers. Unnecessary and hard to find ingredients are substituted or eliminated and still taste original.

Laos is located in Southeast Asia and is one of the last pristine ecosystems in the world. The Lao environment and traditions are some of their most precious resources, which is quite visible when examining Lao cuisine. Penn Hongthong has taken healthy recipes passed down through her family's generations and has recreated them, perfectly capturing the simple, fresh, and authentic flavors of these natural dishes. Any home cook would be proud to serve these delicious yet healthy recipes to their family and friends. Original Lao recipes are healthy but take too long because everything is made from scratch. Lao cooking is concentrated on getting more with the little you have.

Simple Lao Cookbook After trying for many years, here are the solutions. It's all about balance and compromise. Cook small portions, use the right amount of meat to flavor the right amount of vegetables, and a large amount of fresh herbs and spices to enhance the flavor. More meat than original Lao cooking and less than American cooking. Less vegetables than original Lao cooking and more than American cooking.

Surn Sap!
(Enjoy your meal)

Simple Laotian Cooking (2003)

Simple Lao Cookbook

You can buy Simple Laotian Cooking, at Barnes & Nobles, Borders Books, Loaves and Fishes Cook Shop, Sur La Table or any major book stores. Order online at Amazon, or Hippocrenebooks.

The people of Laos, a country located in southeastern Asia between Thailand and Vietnam, eat a profusion of fresh fruits and vegetables but very little meat, which makes their cuisine a healthful choice for home cooks. Since vegetable oil had to be imported, it was a costly commodity for Laotian cooks, who used herbs and spices instead to flavor their dishes. Laotian dishes are traditionally lighter than Thai ones.

Simple Laotian Cooking offers 172 recipes, including a section on the traditional Lob, a dish usually made with beef but also with chicken, fish, or wild game that is reserved for holidays and special occasions.A glossary defines staple ingredients such as bamboo shoots, cilantro, coconut milk, fresh ginger, kaffir lime leaves, and lemongrass. The author also incorporates western ingredients in her dishes.

Simple Laotian Cooking is healthy and easy to make. The recipes have been simplified to use available ingredients in supermarket while still having the original taste and better. Simple Laotian Cooking is written to become America's every day healthy meal in the future by Penn Hongthong who immigrated to United State when she was 18 and did not speak a word of English. Since her first American meal, she dreamed of showing people to eat like her so they would not have such a problem with weight. You will eat in moderation every thing to keep your figure average without going over extreme such as eating too much fat and going on diet.

American and other types of food contain a lot of meats, dairy, and grain products. Since dairy and grain products are not part of Laotian diet, Laotian cooking already lends itself to a healthy cuisine.

The recipes are the experiences and collections of Penn Hongthong from being in the kitchen with her mother and grandmothers while growing up in Laos and continues on in the US.

Simple Laotian Cooking will advise you what herbs can and cannot go together, show you how to get the best flavor from herbs and spices, and teach you how to flavor your meats and vegetables. Many people do not like vegetables, but if you flavor them correctly, people will eat more vegetables.

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